Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 340 - Restful

I spent a little time tonight working on our living room. It's really not done, and this is just a small part of it, but I like how it's starting to come along. The whole room is like this eclectic mish-mash of stuff and I love it! And I feel like it's really restful, even though we have a lot of brighter colors throughout the room. It's cozy! Or comfy-cozy, as my sister would say!

Day 340 - Restful

And yeah, I know, some of the pictures on the wall aren't fully rezzed. I could NOT get all the textures to stay rezzed tonight! Just when I thought everything was, poof! A couple of pics would go fuzzy, or the words on the frame would, or the tea boxes table would. Blah!

We've been having fun this week hanging out at the yard sale! We've gotten to talk to a lot of people and run around and just be goofy. It's been fun! There are still a lot of items out if you haven't completed your shopping lists yet. I've actually been buying extra stuff there just so I have another copy to put in other rooms. Aldwyn has rares, too, but they won't be out until probably tomorrow night. He would have done it tonight but he was yawning so much, I got bossy and told him to go to bed.

Speaking of which, I'm yawning like crazy myself. I've been trying to watch documentaries on Netflix in bed lately but I keep falling asleep before I finish anything. Do you like documentaries? Recommend some to me! Even better if I can watch them on Netflix! :) So since I'm yawning now, but not really sleepy sleepy, I think it's time to get in bed and see if I can actually finish the one I was watching last night. Goodnight!

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