Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 345 - Just Like Heaven

I got some kind of not great RL news today. Oh it's not extremely horrible or anything. Everyone is alive and healthy enough and all that. But it's not news that we expected to come today. So I've been running around trying to help to get things in order for the next step. Things will be okay but my life will be different-ish for a bit until everything is settled.

I think that's when SL comes in really handy. First of all, my plurk friends? Amazing. SO supportive and a couple of them who are local to me had great advice and suggestions. And others simply had lots of virtual hugs for me, which are also awesome! Say what you want about plurkers, they are some of the most supportive and wonderful people in the world.

And of course, having my wonderful SL family is fantastic. I was able to come in tonight and dance with Abby and Aldwyn for a while. Then when she went to bed, she gave specific instructions to Aldwyn that he was to snuggle me tonight since I had a hard day. Bossy little thing. I don't know where she gets it from. *grins*

Day 345 - Just Like Heaven

We have a radio station at our house right now that plays a lot of 80s-90s songs, and the song "Just Like Heaven" came on as I was taking this picture, so that's why the title of my post today.

But I have to admit, it was great to just cuddle and talk about all kinds of stuff with Aldwyn for a couple of hours after everything that went on today. It really was just what I needed. ♥

[And because I love covers and Katie Melua...]


Trillian Strange said...

I've been a silent observer for a while and fan of your blog. I read it every chance I get but I felt like commenting now because Katie Melua! I love her so much! You're probably the first person I've met that knows who she is ♥ You're awesome and I loove your blog!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Omgosh, I love Katie Melua!! A friend of mine introduced me to her songs yearssss ago. I thought I was the last to find her! LOL!

Thanks for reading my blog! ♥