Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 357 - But not to sell!!

So one day about a week or so ago, Abby told me, "Did you know we don't have a fridge?" She went to look for food and there was none! Oops!! What can I say? We eat dinner at the Oleanders' house sometimes and we sneak food home that way. :) But I'm trying to be a good mom, so today we got a new fridge. Abby was so happy, she immediately grabbed a glass of orange juice.

Finally we have food in the house!

We were in the backyard when Daddy Z came home and then she hit us with a question. Would we consider adopting a sibling for her?


We're not against the idea, of course. But we are extremely picky! Any kid we adopt would have to meet certain criteria, like being more of a dedicated child [we have noooooo desire at all to be SL grandparents] which I know can sometimes be harder to find. We lucked out with Abby because while she does have a Big, she very very rarely uses that account. They have to understand that pretty much everything we do as a whole family takes place after 7pm SLT. If they have to be in bed by 8pm SLT, that'll never work. We'd want them to be between 6 and 10 years old. Abby doesn't mind being a big sister, but we would rather have someone closer to her age.

But, in the middle of our talk, both she and Daddy Z suggested we try it the old fashioned way.


Day 357 - But not to sell!!

Yeah. That's NEVER gonna happen.

Also, she isn't allowed to sell her sibling. Yes. We did have to make that a rule.


Petra said...

I love reading your blog. Your family is adorable and I can't help kind of longing to get involved. Silleh me. At any rate, I did wonder, perhaps you and your daughter could do some posts about how to get started to rp as a child? In a way that's realistic etc, as far as finding the right look etc.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Awww, thank you! I think they're pretty cute, but I tend to be biased. :) We absolutely can do a post like that! Thanks for reading!

She had an Epiphany said...

I've been doing the family thing in sl for over 4 years now an your right its hard to find the right fit .even us kids can be picky with finding parents.Take me for example Ive been in 30 sl familys since 2010 an never have found the right fit.But now that im a teen i spend most my time going to school in sl an holding on to my inner child like self.So I wouldt rule out teens besides if you adopt a teen you get free baby sitting service for abby Just saying! If abby wants a babysitter when your offline have her im me Epini Resident