Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 363 - Getting My Strongs!

Abby has been helping Brianna out with more of the "kid" stuff that she didn't already have, including the Yuus/Nuuu hud that pretty much all the kids have these days. I like the hud a lot because I can pick Abby up, or hold her hand to drag her along if we're out somewhere, or tp her if she's AFK, or sit her down on something. But the one thing I've never done with the hud is pick up 2 kids at once. Tonight we were hanging out and I just felt like picking up my girls.

Day 363 - Getting My Strongs!

It's the first time that I've held Birdy since she came into our lives, and the first time Abby has really shared me with someone. That probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most people, but it was for us. Of course, after I picked them up, I thought "Oh. Should I have asked Brianna before picking her up? Nah. She's just gonna have to get used to it!" Luckily, she didn't mind. :) We laughed that I must have great muscles to be able to hold the girls for as long as I did! I'm gettin' my strongs! But I don't know, what do you guys think? Do I look like I belong on an episode of Teen Mom? I might need to stop looking QUITE so young. LOL!

We have to find a good pose so we can take a new family picture this week with Daddy Z. Our last "formal" family picture was at Christmas! For being a blogger, I sure am horrible at getting pictures of the family sometimes. *laughs* But it's late and I have tons to do tomorrow before getting in any SL time, so it's off to bed!


She had an Epiphany said...

Naw i think your avi looks like a mom figure. Youd be surprised at how many people that adopt look like hookers.I swear when i stand at heratige an look around the room i can spot at least 5 or more female avis that dont look like a mom figure should.But then again im really really picky when it comes to my idea of what a mom figure should an should not look like. lol if someone asks me if im up for adoption ill cam there avi to see what they look like before i im them back. (if there in the room)if they are not wearing mesh clothes or have flexi hair on or to big of the lolas boobs an butts on there avi then ill pass. i mean after all its 2014 everyone whos not in mesh by now really needs to get with the program lol as long as your modestly dressed an everything is covered your good in my book for looking like a mom figure should!

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! Yes! When we were at Heritage looking at kid panels, I was surprised at how some of the potential parents were dressed. One lady came in with high high heels, a tight dress, and her boobs just pouring out of the top. The parent panel pics aren't much better a lot of the time. We saw one where the lady wasn't even wearing a shirt, just a bra. I don't get that at all!!