Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! [Well...everyone in the States, that is.]

Let me see, what do I have to be thankful for this year? A lot!

I'm thankful that this holiday, my parents are in reasonably okay health. Last year and earlier this year were very hard and believe me when I say that I almost lost my mind because of it. But even though they have the aches and pains that come with arthritis and old age, neither of them are very sick at the moment, and for that, I'm so very thankful.

I'm thankful that I have a nice house and lots of food and a warm bed to sleep in every night. So many people don't have any of that, and I am truly blessed.

I'm thankful for Ulaa, for being my partner for the past months? 7? I forget, but even though it started as kind of a goofy thing, she's been probably the best partner I've had in all my SLife. And don't be dirty, it's not like that. :-p Well, unless you count the times we have food porn talk on Skype.

I'm thankful for Sophia, for always being there when I need her and for making my SLife very interesting. I think everyone needs a friend who is as fiercely loyal to them as she is to me. But you can't have her, because she's mine. :-p

I'm thankful for Aldwyn, who reminded me that not all men in SL will hurt me, or break my heart, or treat me like I'm beneath them or just some virtual fantasy doll. He made me remember that I'm worthy of being loved for just being myself, quirks, craziness, and all. Plus, he thinks I'm beautiful in all worlds, and you can't help but be thankful for someone like that.

I'm thankful for my friends for allowing me to share in their lives. Sometimes you don't remember how bad things were, when you look around and see how good things are, and I have them to thank for that.

And, like last year, I'm thankful for the readers of my blog. Whether you've been here with me from the beginning, or just recently started reading - thank you. And hey, once the 365 day project is over, I might even go back to actually writing something way more worth reading. We can hope, right? LOL!

Have an amazing and blessed Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and if you don't, have a wonderful Thursday! ♥♥♥

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Sophia Harlow said...

I simply adore you. Always.

p.s. is interesting code for a touch insane and a lot of dramatic?