Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 315 - Happy Campers!

Camp letters were sent out!! Abby was sooo excited to get her letter, she couldn't wait for us to help her get to the mailbox. I came home to find that she enlisted her cousin Raven to help her out.

Getting Help

Yep! The letter was there! She's an official Camp Hardknock camper!

A letter from camp

Of course, being my child, she snatched Raven's letter and started running.

Tiny Troublemaker

She looks a little too thrilled with herself, huh?

Thrilled with herself

I'm happy for both the campers. They're going to just have the best time! If you're going to camp, be sure to stop and say hi to them! ♥

Day 315 - Happy Campers

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