Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 318 - I had it... until I didn't.

Lolita and Takeo are counselors for camp and since all of the counselors have to come up with activities, Aldwyn and I have gotten to play with all the games they've come up with. Beta testing, you know! None of our little campers have seen the games because they want them to be a surprise!

I TOTALLY rocked one of the games we played tonight, but another activity... It didn't go quite as well.

[And nope, no spoilers because where I am in the picture is different than what will be at camp!]

Day 318 - I had it... until I didn't.

Of course, I don't think the kids will be covered in bling and facelights like I was, but you know, for beta testing, you have to do all kinds of crazy stuff to make sure everything works!

Aldwyn has been yelling at me about sleeping like a normal person [which I have not been, lately] so I guess I better take off all my bling and go to bed.

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