Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 312 - Learn Something New Every Day!

Happy new year, dear ones! I hope you all have had a great start to the new year!

So, I'm not a mesh maker. At all. Seriously. I've dabbled in Blender and made a mess. Aldwyn bought me Hexagon for my birthday and I promptly made a mesh penis that looked okay in the program, but was totally sad when I uploaded it into SL. [And trust me, not many things are much worse than a sad penis.] I've wanted to learn how to do my own mesh items but my brain doesn't quite understand it all.

But! I'm making it one of my 2014 goals to learn new things. Some time in the past week, I saw someone on plurk mention that you could export your prim builds [full perm ones that you made] as a .dae file. [If you're less of a mesh maker than I am, .dae is the extension of a mesh model file that you upload to SL.] I didn't have a chance to read the whole conversation but I filed that tidbit away in my brain under "Ask about this later." I thought that maybe it would be of interest to Ulaa and Abby since they both are pretty good builders with prims, but haven't quite made the transition to mesh yet.

Today I asked on plurk about it and was given two links to read. One about how to do it with Firestorm and one about how to do it with Singularity. I use Firestorm, but you don't get to keep your textures with it the way you seem to be able to with Singularity.

And before anyone starts screaming about copybotting, you can only do this with things YOU made. Although, I think if you use sculpts like from sculpt kits, you have to have the full perm sculpt map still in your inventory.

I wanted to play with this to see if it worked, so I pulled out the AFK House I made several years ago to put on someone. It's just made from 6 plain prims, and not very well, but it's 100% mine. Left click, Save As, Collada, and even though it said PNG, when I went to save, it saved as a dae. I imported that dae file into Blender, and holy cow. There was my dumb little house. If I wanted to edit it in Blender, I could have, but since I suck at that and I just wanted to see what would happen, I just exported it as a dae again, and then uploaded it into SL.


My dumb little house was 3 land impact now and considered mesh.

So then I got fancy. I opened up the file in Blender, this time saved it as an OBJ file, opened the OBJ file into Hexagon, got crazy on it, saved it, put it back in Blender, saved it as a DAE, uploaded it into SL and....

Day 312 - Learn Something New Every Day!

Well. That happened.

But, I learned something, and I taught a few people something on Plurk, so all in all, it was a good day.


Khloe Nitely said...

Heyy! If you are interested in learning the ways of Blender, might I suggest Ditko University. They offer a lot of classes, some are stand alone, while others are multiple weeks long. As someone who couldn't even open Blender without screaming... I took the super basic Blender Beginners and managed to make a few small household items!( Which is about 100x better than I did before..) I started taking the clothing making, but I'm a fail at timing. Anywho... they are free and the schedule goes up every sunday!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Abby mentioned Ditko to me just last night, actually! I am thinking about taking a class just to see what it's all about. All I've managed to do in Blender before is push a box around. That's not much of a start. LOL!