Friday, June 20, 2014

I Hope You Dance

It was just me and my Abby tonight. Aldwyn had some RL work to do, and Birdy's internet was down. It hasn't been just Abby and me at night in a while, so we just danced along the shoreline for a bit before she had to go to bed.

I Hope You Dance

She is participating in a gacha event coming up soon, so she showed me what she's been working on. I'm so proud of her for getting back to her store! Even if it's just a small event here and there, at least she's doing things that I know she loves to do.

Camp registration [aka The Hunger Games] is this Sunday. Last night, Abby was showing and telling Birdy about bunks. I can't wait to see how they do their bunks this time. I loved watching Abby and Raven make their bunks for winter camp! Soon we'll be doing camp acceptance letter pics again, and I'll be shopping for some camp items for my girls, and then crying when they leave me! But I'm just really happy that Lolita and Takeo will be counselors again, and Bella [Riley's big] will be a co-director, and of course Payton and maybe Raven will be going, so my girls will have family there. And lots of friends!

Early night for me tonight. I have this really nice massage recliner at home, the kind that does the deep kneading up your back with the rolling ball things, and I used it the other night because I have some stress knots in my shoulder blades. But I think I overdid it and stayed on it for far too long [easy to do because it feels so so nice and the recliner itself is ridiculously comfortable!] and holy cow. My upper back has been so freaking sore! I guess when the chair turns off, you should probably get up, not just restart it. *laughs* So I thik it's time for some Advil and bed. ♥

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Unknown said...

Sunset picture is so pretty. I love you. And I love just dancing and talking. <3 It was a perfect evening. No matter how short of a time it was. <3