Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ever So Spoiled!

It's been 4 days into The Arcade and I'm almost completely finished with my list! Well, wait. I mean... Aldwyn is almost finished with my list. *laughs* See, being married to a fashion blogger often has its drawbacks in that he can almost never gift me with items because I already blog for most of my favorite stores, and the other ones, I just shop immediately. So The Arcade is when he gets to shine and get me the things I want most. Plus, I can't make it TO the actual event because my computer is crap. In fact, Sunday was AWFUL because I actually woke up to a dead computer. Omg, I was freaking out! I do a lot of things [non-SL related] online and to be without my computer would be terrible. Luckily it was just an overheated processor. Did you know you have to actually open your computer up and clean it? *snickers*

But Aldwyn has gotten me almost everything on my list, my girls picked up some items from me, my niece gave me some things, and I've shopped our Yard Sale like crazy. I'm just so thrilled with everything! The little fairies from Ohmai and the gnomes from Mutresse make my heart smile.

Ever So Spoiled

I've rezzed some of the fairy companions and made them bigger and put them in the garden with the gnomes. You'll see it tomorrow in my style blog when I finally get my picture up. But I couldn't resist taking this pic. If you read my style blog, you'll see them in the picture. Since most people who read that one don't read this one, it's like y'all get something extra! [Well, kind of? LOL]

I've had a super long day, though, so I think I'm going to bed. Oh, btw, if you have Arcade trades you want to make, Aldwyn has a whole list here. He's pretty good at trading! :)

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