Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Little Loves

So after much waiting and hugs and I love yous and kisses, my girls set off for summer camp on Saturday. They are having a great time! I'm stealing Abby's picture from tonight because I forgot to take one of myself tonight. *laughs*

Birdy and Abby- Sunset Day2

I'm happy that they're having a good time and meeting more friends. It's given me some time to finish decorating the area of our up-upstairs [our house has 3 floors] that I wanted to make into a play area for the girls. I think it's super cute up there now. It gave me an excuse to use some of the Arcade stuff that Aldwyn has fought to get for me, too. :) I've been working on our bedroom, since that has been an empty-ish mess for a while, and tomorrow I'll probably put our bathroom together.

But I will say that I miss the girls a lot. I knew that I would, but I didn't realize just how empty our home is without them. Even if we're not doing anything [and let's face it, we're usually not], there's always the sound of their giggles and a question to be answered or snuggle needed. It was bad enough when Abby went to winter camp, but now that we've got 2 girls running around, it's twice as quiet. I think it's even worse on me this time because Aldwyn has been super busy and has been unable to entertain me. I knew ahead of time that he wouldn't be around a lot during camp week because of RL travels, but ugh! I definitely need to make more friends in SL. Well, friends who understand the family community and who aren't just all about being naked all of the time. I already have seen some of my friends' boobs more than I've seen my own in the past month! *snickers* I know that being naked and "sexy" is a big part of SL, and was even a big part of my SL for a while, but it's not any more and that seems to have cost me some friends. Which is fine because I sure don't want to bring down anyone's good time or anything like that, not at all! But there has GOT to be some people who just want to chat and dance around and be silly with their clothes on, right?

Anyway, enough whining. :)

Two more sleeps and then I get to see the girls at the Parents' Night dance! Woo!


She had an Epiphany said...

Yes it is always nice to have friends that understand the importance of sl family. If youd like to contact me Korrah Resident Id be more then happy to hang out with you an go shopping an have good old fashion fun pg style! I too am looking for friends that do the family community in sl :)

Unknown said...

Oh Mommy I miss you too! Camp has been fun, but I so miss our times of just dancing talking nonsense or not talking at all <3 I love you! We get to see you tomorrow!