Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I fell heavy into your arms

We're in full camp mode around the Zanzibar household these days. The girls have been busy busy making their bunks and going to cabin meetings and most of the family [minus Aldwyn and myself] are working on their costumes and dances for the talent show.

Unfortunately, RL has kept Aldwyn and me busy so we haven't gotten to spend as much time with the girls as we'd like to before camp, and he won't be, and I may not even be, here to see them off on Saturday! Worst. Parents. EVER. I'm still not super sure on if I'll be here or not, so it's a definite "play it by ear" type of situation.

And if we've had almost no time with the girls, we've had even less time with each other, so it was nice to just be together after the girls went to bed.

I fell heavy into your arms

Pre-camp pictures coming soon!! Letters and packing and bunk pics! The girls are very excited, and I'm happy for them. But I'm also super exhausted from a long busy day, so it's bedtime for me.

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