Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camp Letters!

The girls finally got their camp acceptance letters! They've been waiting and waiting, but Bluebonnet IS off the beaten path and sometimes our mail is a little bit slow. Abby and Birdy couldn't WAIT to get their letters, but when you're only 6 and 8, sometimes you just really really can't reach the mailbox!

Getting A Little Help

Almost there

Luckily for them [and for us!], we made it home to help them out before anything got too crazy. :)

Camp Letters

I guess it's official - They're really going to camp!

Now comes the hard part. Packing!! If you remember, Abby had a lot of suitcases for winter camp, and we both had a LOT of luggage when we went to the Bahamas, so I can only IMAGINE how much they're going to pack for camp!

I guess we better get started!

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