Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adding to the previous post: Free Speerit information

I thought about just editing the original post, but if you'd already read it, you might not go back and re-read. :)

Free Speerit - SLurl

Kimberly - $995L each. There is only the one skin tone for right now, but a pale and a more tan version will be coming out soon.

The Alice skins that were supposed to come out in November are at the store and also $995L.

The first generation FS skins are still up, and only $250L!

Wear your Free Speerit group tag and get Kimberly in "Aquamarine" for freeee! It's only available for 1 week, so hurry and get it!

There's also a great big wall of freebies and dollarbies. A lot of those were previous FS group gifts from last year, but there's also a few of Mewf Demina's old hair out, and also free! There is also a "Pay What You Want" wall with some older clothes.

And then of course there are some cute cute clothes up that are all regular price.

Oh, and poses! $50L poses, which I didn't have a chance to check out because really, it was crowded there!

I think that's all the info you need for now! :)

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