Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beach party & chillin'

I'm supposed to be in bed but I can't seem to sleep, so I thought I'd share some pics.

The Hump Day party was so so much fun. Great friends always make any party a success. Some of our new island residents also managed to come for their first hump day party, so that was nice to have them there.

A shot of the group at some point.

Beach - Group

Yes, the ring shows up almost every time.

Beach - Sehra ringed

Bone didn't want to get sunburned or something. LOL

Beach - Bone

QueenKellee is always way cute...

Beach - Kellee

...even when she faceplants.

Beach - Faceplant

We were ready in case we fell into the ocean!

Beach - Ducks

After everyone took off, Nikki and I headed over to Sacred where she was going to have her first solo professional picture done. [Almost all of the Ch'Know girls have Sky do their photo at some point.]

Soph and I share the director's seat.

Sophia & me

I think the photo will be amazing and I cannot wait to see it and add it to my collection of photos in my office. Well...when it becomes an office. Right now it's just kind of a spot where stuff is getting stored to keep out of my way.

Geez, sounds like the guestroom in my RL house.

After her photo was finished, we just hung out for a while.

4 on a box

I really really need to get to work on finishing up my home. But now I really really need to go to bed.

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