Saturday, April 4, 2009

80s Night At Sacred

Yipes, I'm so close to have not gotten in a post for Saturday. LOL I'm trying to post every day, if I didn't mention it. But I went out tonight with a friend and then as soon as I got home, it was time for 80s Night at Sacred. :)

I'm actually in more of a pensive mood than a party mood, but I have had a great time tonight. The party is still going strong, but I wanted to post a few pics and wrap up this night.

I didn't know what to wear, but the fanny pack & ring-pop worked it out.

80s Night - Me!

Aisuru looks so cute always!

80s Night -  Aisuru!

Lola, Pumpkin, and Rainbow Brite Nikki!

80s Night - Lola, Pumpkin, Nikki

Sophia looking hot...and a little bit tough!

80s Night - Hot Soph

DJ Skyhawke - he put together over 14 hours of music! :-O

80s Night - DJ Skyhawke

Cas, Elora, Lola, Nikki, and Bon getting down to the 80s tunes!

80s Night - Dance dance dance

Pumpkin trying to sex Sophia up. It didn't work. :-p

80s Night - LOL


Pumpkin Saenz said...

I got her nekkid, didn't I? :-P

Natasha Burke said...

Looks like you had fun and you all look good!