Friday, April 10, 2009


So I'm crawling home with my shoes in my hand because let's face it, dancing on stiletto heels for hours hurts even the toughest pair of feet, at the ungodly hour of 11pm. Thank god for smudgeproof mascara and not having to flag a cab down to bring me home, and none of my girls got drunk on cheap drinks and I didn't have to hold their hair in the dirty bathrooms or keep them from going home with some random man.

Stumbling Home

Tonight my lovely Latina friends and I decided we wanted to hit some clubs. None of us are really that big into the club scene here in SL. Pumpkin sometimes hosts in a couple, and I might DJ in one here and there for a private party, and of course Sophia owns one but it's not your typical club that holds events every day or anything like that. But for some reason tonight we felt like getting dressed up and going out.

Aren't we cute?

Getting ready

Oh yeah, if you added it up, we had about 20 miles worth of leg out on display. LOL We were going OUT. I look kind of strange smiling, but whatever.

We first made our way to SLeek, which was honestly the only club I could think of. SLeek is one of those clubs where you know you're going to see some jacked up looking people, so it was like, double entertainment, I guess. And yes, we saw some crazy fugged out looking people. But it was fun for a while before we just simply got bored. I mean, even the DJ just up and left at some point!

So after SLeek, we headed over to see Tristan, who was DJing in a place called Da Players Club. We always love her sets, especially since Tris changes her playlists to fit the theme of wherever she's playing at. Her playlist for this club was mostly rap/hip hop, which was cool. We also got to see a woman who apparently thought she was Britney with a snake wrapped all around her and kind of jammed into her boobs. It...wasn't all that great, actually.

What did we learn from our little night out? Well, 1, we make a party all by ourselves no matter what we're doing. 2, for some reason, noobs never want to partner Pumpkin. And 3, I'm pretty happy not being in the club scene in SL because it really would get dull doing it night after night. But once in a while, it's totally fun. :)

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Pumpkin Saenz said...

I get no noob lovin' :(

But yeah, we did look smokin'!

You look cute you're thinking, "I'm sooo gonna get some tonight!" <3