Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's & Other Stuff

Happy April Fool's, everyone! I'm actually not a huge fan of the day, personally. I tend to be a little gullible when my friends tell me things, and any joke I've tried to pull off before in the past is usually not a good one. I did manage to prank the group last night by telling them that I was disbanding it because of negativity, and that some people would be invited into a new group. But by the time they got to the part where I said they'd be banned from the island for having bad fashion sense, they probably knew it was a joke. :) I'd hope so, anyway!

Big thanks again to those of you who have dropped notes or IMs on me to ask how I've been doing since my ER trip on Sunday. I'm doing just fine. I am still slightly tender in the side if I sit too long or if I sexy dance [it's sad how often I sexy dance], but other than that, I'm perfectly fine. I have a checkup on Friday with a doctor the hospital recommended to me [after my last visit with my primary doctor, I decided I didn't want to see her anymore] and so hopefully that'll go well and I'll have a new doctor. LOL I've lost 5 pounds this week, but I think it's due to all the freaking water I've been drinking. But I am fine and I really appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers that you guys have thrown my way, I really do. :)

I've been taking it easy this week, just doing the stupid rackin' frackin' Bunny Hop hunt and hanging out with my girls. Oh my god. That stupid hunt is driving me up the wall. It's getting to the point where if I TP in and I see the regular products look like a big mess, I just go on to the next stop [yes, I have a coordinates list] or if it takes longer than 5 minutes to find the egg, I go on to the next place and make a mental note never to return to that store. I'm sorry, but can this be the LAST huge gridwide hunt at least until maybe Halloween?? 300 stores is just 200 too many. I am so sick of hunting but I feel like because I started, I must finish. I haven't even had time to really open any of the gifts up yet because any free moment I have is taken up going on this super laggy hunt.

Luckily hanging out with my girls puts me in a way better mood. Especially since they let me do things like this.

Me on Sai.

Doing Sai

And me on Sophia.

Doing Soph

And yes, those were taken on the same night. I don't wear the same things for days at a time. LOL

I was a little sad this week because Cen decided to give up her land on my island since she's no longer in SL much anymore at all, but it was also a good thing because Bone & Sehra needed more land, so it was super easy to just rent out to them and have them take over the whole piece and keep Bluebonnet full. I've been exceptionally lucky that I don't believe we've had an empty rental spot on the island since I got it back in September.

Ooh, America's Next Top Model is on!


Natasha Burke said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I have been thinking about you though. <3

lol Sai look like she is gasping for air and soph doesn't look amused. You all are so cute. :)

Sai Pennell said...

OMG You blogged pictures of our humping! I thought that was supposed to be our little secret? T_T

<3 :P

Terri Zhangsun said...

Hey Alicia, glad you are feeling better! I have heard passing a kidney stone is worse than child birth!

Pumpkin Saenz said...


Hump me next!!!

CeN said...

I'm sad too :(
I had a blog post all written about it but didn't want to sound like a over dramatic or whatever so I didn't post it. We've lived together since like... forever... since the pit.

I'm super excited for the kiddo's though, I can't wait to see what they do with it.

I'm thinking I'll start griefing Bluebonnet by dropping life size pictures of me every time I log in :P

Sehra Kauffman said...


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and doing well, Ali *hugs*

Emerald Wynn said...

Also glad you're doing better, Ali. Ouchy.

I miss CeN in so many ways. :(

**screams, "CeN!!!!!!!!! Come back!!!**