Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just wrapping up the day

It's almost the weekend, and I'm actually happy. Usually weekends don't mean much to me, but it's Easter weekend and that "officially" marks the beginning of springtime to me. Plus I'm excited because I was asked today to do a review for something that is coming out this weekend, AND I'm going to be doing some modeling for one of my favorite stores. Not a fashion show, a photoshoot. I'm super excited!

The Bunny Hop Hunt for me has all but come to a close. I have about 80 eggs left to find [I hit the wall, so to speak, around egg 220] and I'm not sure if I'll be getting to the rest of them. I'd like to, just so when I go to organize, I know that I've gotten everything that the hunt had to offer, but I just can't seem to make myself do it anymore. I'm hitting up the much smaller hunts, the ones that take place in one store only, or in just one sim. Or I let my friends teleport me to the best gifts. ;) Yes yes, I know. I cheat at hunts. I'm sorry.

Ok, not really. :-p

Terri teleported me to get a little skybox earlier this evening. It doesn't have doors, and it's got a lot of glow inside, AND it's not modifiable, but I decided to keep it anyway because it's kind of cool for pics. Like this pic! I played with Windlight and then put the Film Grain filter in Photoshop on it. I really like the way the picture came out.

The Blue Room

I was just about to wrap this up when Sai mentioned that there's a big sale going on at Hexed. So I ran over with a bunch of the girls and we spent more money picking up some cute clothes. Hexed was one of my favorite stores last year, and I'd been wondering when something new would be happening over there. Lots of great little separates and outfits.

Also, in the +mudshake group, there's a fabulous gift for Easter. A grass emitter with some great spring grass, butterflies, bunnies, a cute stool, a pillow, and some poems. Very awesome! So I set some up in the garden and now I really feel ready for spring! :-D

Easter Garden

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Terri Zhangsun said...

It looks like ther would be a space ship right outside that door.