Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never leave us for long

Sehra and I take abandonment hard.

[1:30] Alicia Chenaux: nikki hates us
[1:30] Alicia Chenaux: she doesn't want to come back.
[1:30] Sehra Kauffman: uh huh :((
[1:31] Sehra Kauffman: sad sad sad
[1:31] Alicia Chenaux sniffles
[1:31] Sehra Kauffman pouts
[1:31] Alicia Chenaux kicks her out of the group.
[1:31] Sehra Kauffman: lol
[1:31] Sehra Kauffman mutes her
[1:31] Alicia Chenaux defriends her.
[1:32] Sehra Kauffman: de-plurk-friends her
[1:32] Alicia Chenaux plurk blocks her.
[1:32] Sehra Kauffman: lol
[1:32] Alicia Chenaux stalks her plurk timeline.
[1:32] Sehra Kauffman bans her from her land
[1:32] Nikkidancer Zenovka is Online
[1:32] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Nikkidancer Zenovka (4m)
[1:32] Alicia Chenaux: Yay!
[1:32] Sehra Kauffman stalks her on the grid
[1:33] Sehra Kauffman: oh yay!
[1:33] Sehra Kauffman: our plan doesnt need to happen
[1:33] Alicia Chenaux: Thank god, because that was a lot of work.
[1:33] Sehra Kauffman: no kidding
[1:33] Sehra Kauffman: esp the stalking part
[1:33] Alicia Chenaux nods.


Natasha Burke said...

lol..you are silly. <3

Nikki said...

You are such dorks - no wonder I hate you! <3

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA you girls are so funny.

Anonymous said...

...and all in only 3 minutes! very funny! i love it. maybe i'll stalk you sometime. lol