Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty revolution

Sighs. What a day. LOL. I won't go into it, but it led to a pretty quiet evening for me. But that's ok. Sometimes you need quiet time to yourself with just a couple of friends in IM.

Anyway, yesterday Sophia kept reminding me to go to LeeZu and join the subscribo because there was a beautiful dress in there. I managed to make my way there last night, and then this evening remembered, oh yeah, I have a dress to unpack.

The Revolution Pan outfit has a bunch of pieces and can be worn in several different ways. I chose to doll myself up like an Indian princess and with the help of my cutie pai Sai, I headed out to a place called Cicada and took a couple of pics in the outfit.

LeeZu dress 1

LeeZu dress 2

Kind of a different look for me tonight, but I like it. I'm not sure how much longer the outfit is going to be in the subscribo, so go check it out. I'm dancing around my house in it right now, but I will probably lose it in my inventory before the end of the night after I change.

I kept meaning to show a picture of this and I think I took one, but I tried to clean the desktop off earlier. My friend and neighbor Layne made this cute Easter gift for me. It's just adorable!

Layne's gift

I think it's time to change, and I'm starting to feel better, so maybe I'll bug some people on my friends list.

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Tymmerie Thorne said...

Alicia - those are such great pictures. I really like that skin on you, too - it is a very sophisticated look.

I am glad your day got better by the end. :-)