Monday, April 6, 2009

Blah blah blah.

I keep thinking about what I want out of SL lately. And the truth's kind of what I have. I have the most amazing friends. I have an island. I have this blog. I have an inventory that while I can't find anything, I know is packed with amazing stuff from some of the best creators in SL. My SLife is pretty decent. I can think of a few things I'd like to have more of in SL, but I don't dwell.

The problem is, when things are decent, that leaves me with not too much to write about. I need to just start exploring again, or hitting up random events or something different. I hate relying on my friends so much to entertain me.

Oh, but here's a random tidbit of entertainment. As I've mentioned before, we were having a squatters problem here on my side of the island. But I turned off build except for the land group and that stopped. However, I kept getting female visitors just landing over here. Tonight one of them landed and I decided to go down and see if she'd talk to me because it's the 2nd time she's shown up here.

I go down and she's wearing the most horrible outfit ever. I mean, just...oh it was bad. But unlike most visitors to the island, she decided to talk to me. She told me she'd been kicked out of one of the skyboxes on the island. I told her that the skyboxes are very private residences and she should stay out of them. She said that she HAD been accepted in one at one point. Turns out someone on the island who is staying with another of the renters had invited her over at some point, then kicked her out. LOL! So she decided to come back and see if she was still welcome, I guess. A quick check showed me that another name I'd seen on the visitor tracker had also been kicked out at some point. We're turning into Spring Break Island or something. Sooooo funny.

Oh, btw, remember that prim foot tinting tip I showed a couple of posts back? I did a tutorial with pictures on What The Fug. I used SLink shoes and Stiletto Moody shoes for it, but the tips will work with pretty much any footshoe. If you use those freebie footshoes that Vinyl Cafe was giving away [that particular style is EVERYWHERE right now], you might have a harder time because I found those to be exceptionally crappy for tinting.

And now since no blog is complete without pictures...

I was hunting and found this at Sugar Mill. I just had to take a pic!

A is for ME!

During one of our inventory sorting parties, someone put this hair on. I don't THINK it's supposed to look like she's got a bundt cake on her head! But omg. I've made a cake that looks JUST like that before!


This is possibly one of the cutest pics ever. We were all hanging out at Sophia & Sky's place and Soph was in this little bunny av. I was looking at pics on the wall and when I looked back down, there she was. In my head, for some reason, I keep hearing her little voice asking "Quedes bento? No? Por que?"

Quedes bento?

Oh, and because I haven't done it in a while, this is what's in my head lately. I'm not sure why. I loved the song when I first heard it, and I think it's actually on my MySpace playlist. LOL But I hadn't heard it in a while. Chester See doesn't have an actual video for this song, so I found this one. Shut up, I like the movie Step Up. Don't judge. :-p

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