Monday, April 20, 2009

Pink Magic

No long drawn out post today. At least, not in this one.

I plurked yesterday asking for hair designers to think about making a hair that was medium-long and wavy [kind of like Truth's Miabella, but a little more full and less on the face], and that had random braids and curls here and there. Someone said Exile might have a hair like that, so I hopped over. Nope, but they did have a hair called Love Story modeled after Taylor Swift's hair in her video, "Love Story." I had to get it because I just thought it was precious.

That led to me putting on one of my favorite dresses that I rarely wear and taking a pink photo in front of my favorite pink tree. You can get your own beautiful sakura tree from my adorable friend Aisuru at her store, Beloved. She's in the process of moving into her brand new mainstore, so that SLurl will take you to her satellite store on Festivale, which I believe has the tree for sale. I think it's $100L, but I'm not in world to check at the moment.

There is definitely still room for pink and magic and beauty in Second Life, if you just know where to look for it.

By the sakura tree

That glowing grass is also made by Aisuru. She's a marvel. :)

I've had the "Love Story" song in my head since yesterday when getting the hair, so here you go. It's what's in my head today.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Its taken weeks to get that song outta my head, and now its back in!!!


Great song tho, huh. :)

Tomoyo Breitman said...

I absolutely heart that song too.
Taylor Swift all the way yay!

*Dies* I just got that and white horse out of my head.. now its back...