Thursday, April 23, 2009

A disaster! A fashion disaster!

We had a really special Hump Day party tonight. The awesome Tymmerie had asked me if I'd thought of a theme yet for this week [I hadn't] and if not, maybe we could a fashion disaster type party in honor of the newly chosen WTFug writers. It sounded like a terrific idea to me! She also volunteered to decorate, so I gave her free reign on a corner of the island and she REALLY went to town! It was adorable! Runway, laptops with different WTFug posts, photos of some of the so cute!!

It's super late, so I'm just going to show pics. No one gets named!! :-D Let's just say everyone looked awesome and awesomely bad. :)

Fashion Disaster 1

Fashion Disaster 2

Fashion Disaster 3

Fashion Disaster 4

Fashion Disaster 5

Fashion Disaster 6

Fashion Disaster 7

Fashion Disaster 8

Big thanks to Tymm for setting up a wonderful party room, and thanks to everyone who came out to have some fun!


Sai Pennell said...

I have no idea who these people are. :P

Natasha Burke said...

Yeah me either, you guys are weird.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

Such a fun party! Great outfits, great crowd! Soooo many blackmail photos. :-P (Kidding!)

mm said...

hilarious! wish i could've been there with my paparazzi cam!