Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Visiting Fotoscope

A friend of mine dropped off a landmark on me today because I had mentioned that I was going to start exploring more than just what's on my island and whatever store I happen to be in. So I got to go off an explore the awesomely pretty sim of Fotoscope!

Fotoscope is set up "for photographers, by photographers." And it's very obvious that it is because not only is it super pretty, but there are a LOT of places to pose, and you're able to also drop your own poses. [Please clean up after yourself when you're done! Be considerate!] I wandered all over the place and took a bunch of pics. I haven't photoshopped any of these aside from resizing them down a bit. I just used the beautiful scenery and some Windlight settings. :)


At Fotoscope - Willy!

Umm....this can't be good.

At Fotoscope - Plane down

All the time in the world.

At Fotoscope - All the time in the world

I'm getting in gear. LOL!

At Fotoscope - Gears

Whew...time for a rest. There were dandelion puffs floating all over. It was so pretty. But I only managed to catch one floating by.

At Fotoscope - Resting

There were lots of places to go and sit and take pics and it's just a really awesome sim to go visit! It was also quite low lag, which was GREAT! I definitely recommend Fotoscope as a place to go see!

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Lialynn said...

Wonderful!! Thanks for blogging this I always am looking for nice places to take pictures in :D!