Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love Thursday

I wasn't quite sure if I'd have anything this week, but as I was puttering around "upstairs" on the island, I figured out what I love this Thursday.


All my life I was surrounded with blue and white. The local high school's colors were blue and white and so the town was constantly decorated in those colors. Elementary school, middle school, high school - blue and white. My band uniform - blue and white. Ribbons on my car antenna? Blue and white. When I moved on to college, the colors there were - you guessed it - blue and white. I joined a sorority and our colors were blue and white. So for the longest time, I believed that blue was my favorite color. And it is pretty, I love all shades, especially royal blue and baby blue.

But a few years ago when I was around 26 or 27, I picked up a pink sweater. I got so many compliments on how it looked with my skin tone, I had to get something else in pink. And then it hit me. I was in love with pink!

On my desk right now I've got pink lotion, a pink nail file, and I was given a pink digital camera for Christmas last year. In SL, my love affair with pink continues. The Shop Armidi pink sale this year was like heaven for me. I even picked up this cute freebie pink house on Xstreet yesterday. It's too small for long term, but for now I get to revel in the pink and girlyness of it all.

Being a girl rocks. :)

If you hate pink, feel free to create a brute and fight me about it. ;)

Pretty in pink

1 comment:

Renee said...

my fave color is Pink! I missed the pink sale by accident & was very depressed lol

Love the pink house! Yaaay <3