Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. If you celebrate it, that is. If you don't... well, hope you had a nice Sunday. :)

I'm kind of glad Easter is over. It's nice to know that group gifts for the next month or so won't be all eggs and bunny ears and Playboy-ish bunny outfits. Of course, now for the next month we'll be looking at escorts running around trying to look like a playmate, but...whatever.

The weekend was good here. I spent an enormous amount of time with my friends here in SL this weekend, which is good because otherwise I would have been by myself too much in my physical world. We had our normal Saturday night event at Sacred, which was loads of fun. Even more so because Skyhawke totally humored our Latina side and played a bunch of Spanish songs for us. We were in heaven!

Today was fun because I got to be in a photoshoot at Sacred, but not just any photoshoot. I don't think I'm supposed to give details yet, but I was so happy to be asked to do it because I don't think of myself as a model. But it was for a fairly popular store, so I'm very happy.

Then I spent the rest of the day hanging out, either alone or with friends. Or just having friends pop up in my house out of nowhere. LOL! [Ok, it just happened once, but it still made me laugh.] I also tore down the winter part of the skyworld because I really don't care for winter and I was sick of looking at it, and then I put down another beach cottage because I may have someone looking to rent it.

Oh, I also appear to have ghost grass on the island. LOL If I'm far away I see it by the party deck, but if I get closer, it disappears. Weirdest thing.

This week I plan on being more ruthless with my inventory. I slammed into 40k so easily [thanks, fatpacks] and I'm *this* close to 41k. I'm ... yeah, that's just wrong.

I'm getting ready to go to bed soon, but here's some pics. :)

After the party last night, I was getting changed and Sky took a pic of me just because he liked the way I looked. So he surprised me with a pic. It's gorgeous!!!

A surprise shot from Sky

Building boxes in the sky.

Building Boxes in the sky

Let's get physical...physical...

Boom, baby!

Thank god for temp prims. LOL

Oh....what a mess.

This picture of Pumpkin and Lola cracks me up. Pumpkin is all smiley and Lola is like, "Wtf is this fool smiling about?" LOL!! I LOVEEEE IT.

Pumpkin y Lola Chola


Pumpkin Saenz said...

I smile even when there's nothing to smile about. :-D

Cutey Magic said...

oo! that looks fun! can I join in next time you have falling things?! :D

Cutey Magic said...

P.S. I love watching people splatter to the ground from many feet up. D:

Casandra Shilova said...

Wow! You are gorgeous! That was so nice of Sky ;)