Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Endings, Beginnings...

I've had a lot of IMs over the past few months asking me basically the same thing. "What ever happened to your SL partner?" Most of you know that Brody, or Levi as he was in the beginning, had to take some time away from SL for RL reasons. I made the decision to wait for him. This was all me and it's not a decision that I regret. We had even put a time limit on how long this waiting period would be - 6 months. Quite a long time in the SL world, isn't it? But I felt that it was satisfactory and throughout that time we remained friends, talking every few days at the very least, and attempting to see each other in SL when we could, although it was not always easy.

Over the past couple of weeks, after the "deadline" date actually, I started fighting with myself in my own head on if this should continue. He is, of course, a wonderful person. Anyone would be lucky to have him. But as his responsibilities take him further away from SL, I started to grow lonely. Not lonely in the sense that I was alone, since my amazing friends have been there holding my hand every step of the way, but lonely.

Late last night we decided to go ahead and end things. Not with anger, there was no fighting at all. It was just time, I suppose. I cried, of course, because I always cry. We've talked and really, there is no resentment or anything like that. I have no doubts that we will remain friends...mostly because I won't let him not be my friend. He is wonderful, just as wonderful as anyone I could have ever asked for. He has been one of my dearest friends for over a year, and I feel blessed to have him in my life.

So where does that leave me? I couldn't tell you. Getting into another SL relationship is probably not going to happen for a while, although I'm sure I'll end up dating again at some point. The skyworld is gone, so I've spent time today setting up a new sky home. I've answered IMs, I've chatted with friends, I've even rented out one of the remaining beach cottages. SLife goes on, and it is a good one. But now RLife me is demanding lunch.