Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 325 - On The Moooooove!

So you may remember that a bit ago, Abby decided that the cows were very cold out in the snow and she needed to get them inside. Since the snow has melted and it's warmed up outside, and since we really needed to be able to use our bathroom again, I decided to get the cows out of the house.

The little cow was easy to pull out, but the mama cow... That was some WORK.

Day 325 - On The Moooooove!

I really miss Abby this week. Oh, we've been chatting and there have been letters and care packages, but it's not the same. :( Luckily, tomorrow is Parents' Day!! There is a dance and everything, so I need to find a dress to wear. I think I already know which one I'm wearing, but I have to try a few on. I'm just so excited to see my little one again! Part of me thinks maybe we weren't ready to leave our bubble yet. *laughs*

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