Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 332 - Gotta Make A Mess First!

Earlier tonight I left Abby in her room to start putting it together while I worked on a post for the style blog. Like most kids, though, she got pretty distracted! [Well, both of us are easily distracted by stuff, so it's not just a kid thing.] So when I was finished with my post, she asked if I could pretty please help her because I had done so well with her last room. Awwww. :)

Of course, to get started decorating, you have to make a mess.

Day 332 - Gotta Make A Mess First!

In the family community, it's more common for the kid to do their own room in their homes, from my understanding. At least, when Abby came to live with us, she said she'd always had to do her own rooms before and it made her feel good to have one done for her with the big stuff so she could just add her own personal touches. And I certainly don't mind doing it because I love decorating for kids! It's different than decorating an adult's room even though I'm actually using a lot of the same things I'd use elsewhere in the house. Some things I just scale down to make more kid friendly, or I just combine it with something else or tint it a different color and suddenly it's for a kid!

I worked on her room pretty much all the rest of the night, even though she went to sleep. It's not finished, but I'll let her decide what she wants to keep in there or move around or whatever. Then of course she'll add her things to it, too. I really am loving this house and how easy it is to make it cute. Thank God so many furniture makers do little cluttery decor stuff, and oh my gosh, thank God that Aldwyn has always been so willing to hit up The Arcade for me because so many little decor things are finally being used!!

My eyes are totally glazing over and my computer is dying for a rest, so it's off to bed for me.

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