Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 331 - That was unexpected.

I've spent a great deal of the day decorating our new home. Slowly but surely, it's coming together. More slowly than I'd like, but well, my computer has limitations. *laughs* If I work with mesh items too much, eventually I get the dreaded "Textures discarded" message. If I'm lucky, I can quit what I'm doing and log out before I crash. But once in a while, I just up and crash. And then it takes almost 10 minutes for my computer to unfreeze fully and blah blah. If you have a crappy computer, you know the drill. I truly want a new one, but it's not in the budget right now, so I'll just make do with what I have. I am blessed that I have a computer that can still do almost everything I want, even if I do crash and freeze up sometimes.

After one of my crashes, I decided to just hang out on the front porch while I went AFK. Just innocently sitting on my own front porch.

Day 331 - That was unexpected.

When I came back, I came back to an IM.

Random Guy: Bonsoir.
Random Guy: Hello.
Me: Hello :)
Random Guy: how are you?
Me: Good. And yourself?
Random Guy: you were alone i have not dared to disturb.
Me: oh, yeah. lol sorry, i was afk.
Random Guy: no problem I'm a vampire and search for soul in limbo.
Me: oh. yeah, my soul is good.
Random Vampire: yes never been bitten very good soul I am not of savage attack I always ask before :)

Really? What is this life? How does Bloodlines even still exist? The guy was new, just about a month old, and I REALLY wish I had not been afk when he showed up because I would have loved to have seen his avatar.

At least I know my soul is good. So there's that.

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