Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Corny Celebration

Thursday marked a really special day for me. It was my one year adoptiversary! I know, right? One year ago, Lolita and Rune asked me to join the family, and it's definitely the best thing I've ever done in my SLife! The family has changed over the past year, we've had our ups and downs, but on the whole, it's been pretty darn cool. We've done so much together, and I know there is so much more to come. It's really funny. I have done loads of things in SL. I've been a blogger, and a model, and a DJ, and a landlady. Going back even further, I've been a club manager and a dancer and into a whole other kind of scene. But I feel that this is what I was really looking for. I am at my best being a wife, mother, and sister. It's funny how that works, huh? Of course, I was a really different person a few years ago, so maybe even if this had been dropped in my lap, I wouldn't have been ready for it. Luckily, it came at a time where I could not only appreciate it all, but thrive in my new family.

So we decided to celebrate our one year, we'd head out to The Cornfield!! Only right before we were going to go out there, my computer started restarting itself. I know. My brand new fantastic computer! The first time, I thought it was a fluke. Then it happened again. And then again. And then I went yelling "HELP!" through the house and my bf came out to see what I was yelling about. Turned out that the wireless thingy inside the computer went on the fritz and was throwing it all off. Once he fixed that up, I was good to go. Only it was late, so no corn last night. :(

But, we headed out tonight, and it was so much FUN! I wasn't able to get a whole bunch of pictures just because being at The Cornfield requires a LOT of running, but here are a few I managed to snap.

Okay, this one makes me laugh the most. There is an outhouse out there to hide in and when you sit on it, your view goes out the window on the door. So I'm in the outhouse, a zombie is coming, and little Payton is right there!

The view from the outhouse

Abby and I were ready to kill zombies and collect corn! By this point, I'd collected so much cornbucks, I was able to upgrade myself with some armor.

We're ready to whack zombies

My sister looks so elegant in her box hat, right? [And I dunno what Takeo (aka Captain Corn) is doing back there. I just noticed him in the pic when I was putting it up!]

Elegant zombie killer

We stayed out there a good 3 hours but it barely felt like it because it was just sooo much fun and of course we always have the best time when we are together! By the end of the night, Takeo had made the top scorers list and I hadn't crashed even once. So we did the dance of the joyful!

All in all, it was a pretty awesome night. I wish that Aldwyn could have joined us this time around, but I'll have to take him out there when he gets a chance to actually sit down. He needs to collect 2000 cornbucks to get all of the armor like we have! Next up, we have to collect 2000 cornbucks so we can get a better weapon. That chainsaw will be mine!! Takeo is already halfway there with 1000 cornbucks, but I need 800 more. I can do it!

It's definitely bedtime for me. Happy one year to my family! I love you guys! ♥

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Khloe Nitely said...

oh my sparkles! This looks amazing, how do i get there?! I'm so glad you are enjoying your new PC!