Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My tractor's cute, but not really sexy.

So after a while at The Cornfield, you run out of things to buy with your cornbucks. I mean, things that actually help you in your quest to kill monsters and collect corn. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE better weapons, better armor, a bigger corn basket, things like that. But, there are prizes you can spend your cornbucks on. I got a trophy, a necklace, and this stupid chicken that does NOTHING special and gets freaked out if I cross a path. Stupid chicken.

But...there was a tractor that I had my eye on. It's 5000 cornbucks, which is kinda pricy for a little prize, but I definitely have the cornbucks to spare. Look at it!

Go Tractor Go!

I attempted to run it in "advanced" tractor mode, but I couldn't really figure it out, so I had to go back to basic mode.

Not that it mattered. Advanced, basic, remedial... I'm a horrible, horrible driver in SL!

Still not a good driver

After I managed to get out of the pond, I sat on our porch for a while. I really haven't done anything with our porch because ... Well, mostly because I'm lazy. LOL! But also because our porch is just a slab and some steps, no cover or railings. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. After thinking a little bit about it, I rezzed out a fresh copy of our house and yanked some of the railings from the back deck and put them in front. Surprisingly, it worked out pretty well, and made a more defined spot for an outdoor couch and stuff. No pics because I was just playing around with ideas out there since autumn will come to Bluebonnet next week, and y'all KNOW how much I adore decorating for the fall!! Pumpkins EVERYWHERE.

But, while I was sitting there on the porch, I got up close and personal with my head.

Just a snap of my big head

I keep feeling like I need a change simply because most of the bloggers I know change their skins and shapes very frequently and I do not. Makes me feel like I SHOULD. But...I like my face. I like my skin. I'd hate to change it up and not be satisfied, you know?

Anyway, bedtime!

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