Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Can't Stop The Beat!

You know, I think I have enjoyed this vacation more than our Bahamas vacation. Not that I didn't LOVE going to the Bahamas with the family, but I think that tropical living isn't really for me. I'm okay with it for a bit but then I need trees and grass and stuff like that.

Today, I started off the day with a little morning yoga.

Morning Yoga

It was a such a peaceful way to start off my SL day! And who wouldn't feel relaxed with that view, am I right?

Yesterday, Abby and I took a boat ride down the river. My poor little one isn't feeling too hot right now, so I did all the rowing.

We're in a boat

Last night, we had our fun family street dance! It was awesome!

Family Street Dance

Street Dance 1

Street Dance 2

My sis DJed the party using all of our songs that she had us list for her last week.

Lolita at the street dance

It was super fun guessing who picked what song. Of course, we knew if the song was fairly current, it was probably Tess or Payton, and if the song was old, it was probably Aldwyn's pick. Takeo tried to make us shush during the guitar solo of one of his picks, but we can't stop and won't stop our mouths. No one tells us what to do!

The kids, of course, looked ADORABLE dancing in sync!

The kids at the dance

It was a really really awesome time and I'm glad that we did it! We have another dance coming up at the end of our vacation, but that one is more fancy.

Tonight, we're camping out under the stars and telling stories! I can't wait! But until then, I think I'm going to hike up to the coffee shop and grab a latte and a muffin. ♥

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