Friday, October 24, 2014

I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs

So last night we headed up into one of the little areas near the canyon where we were sure to catch a lot of fireflies!

Catching fireflies

It was absolutely beautiful and led to many interesting facts about fireflies. Like, did you know that fireflies have butts? Of course they do! Everything has a butt!

Did you know fireflies have butts

We caught all our new firefly friends in our jars that Payton got for us. Well...Sophie might have smeared some on her shirt and Abby might have worn one as a ring, but MOSTLY we caught them in our jars.

My own jar of fireflies

Oh, and Payton might have fallen into the canyon.


So after a trip to the coffee shop for treats, we got dressed and headed to the yoga area because Riley was going to lead us through a session.

Nighttime Yoga With Yogi Riley

It was actually quite relaxing! Riley did a great job even though she probably thought about kicking us out on more than one occasion. *laughs* I don't always remember to breathe deeply and it was exactly what I needed last night.

The end of yoga

We're hoping to have the whole family here tonight so we can take our big family picture, but we'll see how that goes because it's almost impossible to get all of us online at the same time. But whoever is around will be in the pic! Woo!


Khloe Nitely said...

Ya'll look like you've had so much fun on all your trips. For curiosity's sake- Are these actual places you can go or are they something you and the fam have put together?

Alicia Chenaux said...

Our Bahamas vacation was a rental place, although Lolita added extra things here and there. I'm not quite sure if they're still renting it out or not. Now the Grand Canyon, that's pretty much all the Oleanders. They rented a sim and did it all up from scratch - which kinda goes to show how insanely creative my family is! There are other vacation destinations that people can go to in SL and families can rent by the week or even just by the day.