Saturday, October 25, 2014

In my life I've loved them all

Vacation is winding down [nooooooo!!!!!!!!!] and we finally got [most] of the family on last night to take a picture in front of the Grand Canyon sign.

The Family At The Grand Canyon

Pretty good looking family, huh? :) And yes, I am having to stand on a rock because I'm really short!

We don't get to do big family pictures a lot because it's almost impossible to get everyone in world at the same time. We're not a huge family, but even just getting 11 of us there at the same time was something else.

By the time we finished our photo, it was getting late so we settled in to watch a movie, but I didn't get to finish it because I had to go to bed. Having to get up early on a Saturday should be a CRIME!!

I don't know what we're doing tonight, but tomorrow night is our big family dance! I really can't wait!!

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