Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Last Dance

The last day of our amazing vacation. :(

We had formal family dance tonight. It was fun, but also just a little sad because we all knew what it signified.

Family Dance - Group

Family Dance - Aldwyn and me

Family Dance - Group Side

A couple of months ago, I started to think that I wanted a middle name. In the family community, the kids are usually middle named by their parents. They might have already chosen one for themselves while they didn't have family, but it means something to have your parents do it. I wanted a middle name, but we don't have parents, so I thought asking the family to do it for me would be the best thing. But I wanted to do it at the right time, you know? Then this past week I thought, you know what, the dance would be the BEST time because we'd pretty much all be together and it would definitely end the vacation [for me] on a great note. So I asked.

[21:53] Second Life: Alicia Chenaux-Zanzibar is now known as Alicia Noelle Zanzibar.

Of course, I had to fight to not be Alicia Felicia, but in the end, they chose well. :)

Tomorrow we pack our bags and head back to Bluebonnet. I am going to miss this vacation so much!! It was such an incredible experience, and I am going to miss logging in and the family just being right there. I miss home, but... wahhhh. *laughs* I will have my end of vacation thoughts and pics tomorrow. Goodnight!

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