Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Randomosity - Part 4 - Old Books & Some Pics

If you'll notice over to the side ---->, I have a list of RL sites that I enjoy going to during the day. I happened upon The Dairi Burger by accident and I'm so glad I did. If you were a big reader as a kid or teen, and you were into Sweet Valley and Baby-Sitters Club and all that, you will love the snarky recaps and stuff on this site. I've been sitting here reading and cracking up for a couple of hours.

The huge disaster of a build club that moved in next door to the pit was taken down, but then was put back up again yesterday. I got a chance to see the owner. Why doesn't her "style" surprise me?

Trashy Bling

Coochie cutter shorts that look like they were pants first? Check. Freebie standing pose? Check. Enormous breasts that would hurt your back in RL? Check. Tramp stamp proclaiming that she's a bitch? Check. Unbelievable flashing bling? Check check check.

I was getting the gifts over at The Starlust the other day and wandering around the grounds when I found this tiny little car. It's so cute because you can get in it AND the license has your name while you're riding in it. LOL But it's teeny, so be sure you're flexible before trying to shove yourself in.

Teeny car

So I found a new addiction last night. 7Seas Fishing!!! I don't know what it is about the game. It's totally random luck but I spent a long time fishing last night. I stayed mostly over at the fishing headquarters at Flotsam [a cool place to visit even if you're not fishing] but I'd love to find a nice place to fish with good music and people who like to chat.

I got inspired [lolz] and put together this little picture of me on the dock.


And because I can't help myself, here's a mushy picture of Levi and me dancing in our forest. :) Please excuse the plywood behind us. I have a couple of unfinished projects. lol

Night dancing


Noelyci said...

Not to plug my place but I'm going to plug my place....

7seas fishing at Natalis, with a jukebox that lets you control the music you hear. Friends you'll have to bring but you're welcome to. Let me know when you want to and I'll set up a fishing contest for you.

Noelyci Ingmann

Noelyci said...


By the way, lol.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Very cool! I'll definitely give your place a look. Just being able to control the music makes it #1 for me already. LOL

C said...

I think we should go over and visit the neighbour, we could bring baked goods and an anti-bling script.

I wanna go fishing now!

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Fishing looks like fun, LOL!!

And for some reason, the picture of you squeezing out of that little car makes me crack up something serious.

And by the way, HI! I came across your blog the other day and spent a few hours reading past posts. I just love it so far!

Kharisma Llewellyn

Alicia Chenaux said...

Cen - What kind of baked goods? The kind that have explosives inside? :)

Kharisma - You've spent hours reading my past posts? You're officially now my favorite new reader! LOL

Anonymous said...

hi. they sell those tiny cars at Curio Obscura. its a really cool shop, mostly of a steampunk kind of style. i have their horseless gown, which is a car in a dress, its wack.

i usually end up fishing at Botanical these days because its sooo pretty there. Theres usually people around to talk to but not so much music. I have a fishing server for my house but my house is in shambles presently and no fishing. I'll have it back up soon I hope.

Aisuru Rieko