Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 91 - *squeak squeak*

Yikes, just realized I almost missed day 91! Noooooooo! LOL

Good day today. A pleasant change after yesterday. How-freakin'-ever...I lost my voice this afternoon. Do you guys know how BAD that is for me?? I'm chit-chatting allll day long, singing, humming, laughing. As quiet as I appear in-world, I'm actually quite chatty in my physical world on a daily basis. Not being able to bad. LOL My throat doesn't hurt a bit, and I was talking fine this morning, I just don't know what happened. Now I can whisper and squeak.

Anyway, I do have loads to talk about, but I'll wait until tomorrow or Sunday.

For day 91, here's the view I had earlier tonight while in a photoshoot. I know people usually think of SL modeling as being this glam thing, but really? Photoshoots can be kind of quiet while you have your eyes clicked on a box & the photographer takes pics. I still love it, though. :)


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