Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 94 - She certainly is beloved

Do you like my pretty flowers?


These are made by my friend Aisuru Rieko of Beloved Custom Designs. Since the latest craze is to talk nice about people who brighten up the SL community, it seems only fitting that I feature her flowers in this post.

Aisuru is one of those quietly gorgeous people who doesn't seem to quite realize how awesome she is. We met back in 2008 when she sent me a cute little IM and a slice of cake with a sit pose that she'd made. She was one of the original members of the Ch'Know group [I think she was the 4th member, the 2nd to ask to join, actually], and as time has gone on, I've watched her grow as a very talented creator. She's quiet, but if you pay attention, she's incredibly funny! She's also really smart and has more style than should be legal. Although I wouldn't say we sit around and have heart to heart talks very often, she's definitely one of those people that when I see her name on my friends list, I smile. My SLife would be a little less cute and whimsical without the adorable Aisuru in it. :)

And she really does make awesomeness! I was on the hunt for trees and after being sticker shocked by the price of many many trees, and not finding anything I truly loved, I slapped myself in the head and remembered - Aisu makes trees! So I skipped out to her store and picked up her new Seasons tree. Absolutely perfect.


7 prims and color change, and only $500L for the mod/copy version. And it's not just leaves, there's flowers and bare branches too! Seriously, they are fabulous!

So that's my community highlight or whatever the challenge is. I guess it would be good if I'd actually go read the challenge post, huh? LOL But if you haven't gotten to know Aisu yet, you're missing out. <3

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Anonymous said...

What gorgeous designs! I love the tree!

It's great when you have someone on your FL that makes you smile. I know there's a couple of people on mine that are becoming like that for me ^^.