Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thanks & a party invite!

I hope everyone had a great day! I was very pleasantly surprised with some gifts from friends in SL!

Valentine's Day gifties

Thank you Chase, Lexi, Margo, Marnix, Emerald, Aisuru, and Ford! You guys are awesome!! And yes, Ford is the handsome cutout guy. LOL What's better than a valentine that just keeps on giving?

Now that that's over with... Mardi Gras!! There's a Mardi Gras party happening Monday night at 8pm SLT over here at Moodle. Tymmerie has put together a fantastic party area, and I'm DJing. It should be fun!! I went over there tonight just to make sure my party outfit wouldn't seem out of place. I think it'll be good. The big scary face said it looked hot.

Mardi Gras party tomorrow night!

I hope you all can come!

I think it's time to start packing away my Valentine's stuff now. :)

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