Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 96 - A true hump day happiness

I'll fully admit that sometimes I'm a "plurk first, think later" type of person. Almost all of my friends are on plurk, so it's just natural for me to rush over there when I'm sad or happy or whatever and bang out what's going on.

Last night after the trivia party, I decided to check out 69L Hump Day Happiness. I love sales, but like a lot of people, I get tired of all these daily sales. Even worse, I am starting to not find anything I like at all. So when I DO see something in the notecards that is actually cute, and knowing it's on sale too?? Well, I cannot run over fast enough!

Last night I saw some really cute shoes in the notecard from Adam & Eve. I skipped over happily to go buy them, because when can you really buy super cute shoes for less than $300L these days? Heck, if you can get them for under $500L, that's almost too good to be true. At $69L, I was excited!!

But then, not so excited when I got there and they were $269L. What the heck? It's $69L Hump Day Happiness, this does not make me happy! So I ran to plurk to whine. Yes, whine. It's not that I didn't have the money. It wasn't that I was even being cheap. I just didn't realize that those participating in this particular event could have something else up as long as it has 69 in the end, like 169L or 269L.

Luckily, it's a good thing I said something on plurk, because other people did not know this either! I wasn't the only one! Thank God! LOL :) Hump Day Happiness organizer Catty Loon is one of my plurk friends, and she explained it all out to me. Plus, my plurk was helpful to her because they are still ironing out the bumps in this event. Yay for helping!

When I logged in earlier, I had a really nice note from Damen Gorilla, the creator of the cute shoes. He apologized for the misunderstanding, AND he sent me a pair of the adorable Valentine shoes!


It is amazing when you receive such service from someone when you haven't even bought anything. Although I know many generous designers, one that goes the extra mile for someone that hasn't really been a customer is something amazing. In fact, I was so pleased, I went out tonight to check out more shoes and bought a couple of pairs. He's got a customer for life in me now, and for this hump day, I couldn't be happier. <3


Kissowa said...

That's all kinds of awesome! Gotta love great customer service.

Damen said...

Hey there, I have been in SL for near on 5 years and in all that time there remains one inevitable and unavoidable truth about business, its ALL about the customer...the rest is just window dressing. If I feel a customer(or those who are not yet customers!) have a valid verifiable and honest gripe about our store then I have absolutely no choice but to rectify the situation, I am bound to try to alleviate the situation.

I have to thank you for taking the time to blog this and would like to announce that next week there will be shoes in the HDH event, from me at Adam n Eve and they will be L$69 this time..... as a gesture to all those that did feel a little confused about this weeks sale item(which was a cute sculpted heart bag btw)

So lets hope there's even MORE happiness next week!

Damen Gorilla