Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 130 - "would you like to feel the awesome power of a duck between your legs now?"

Hey, check it out! A guy in my blog that ISN'T my boy alt! LOL!

I went duck racing today with the super cute super tough Gospel Voom. He has a duck racing track on his sim and since I had yet to go play with the ducks, he teleported me out to go play.


[11:51] Gospel Voom: There's a very famous racing circuit in the UK called silverstone..
[11:51] Gospel Voom: so naturally I called this quackerstone

It was really fun! I am not any better at driving ducks than I am driving cars, so I didn't QUITE make the top racers list, but I'm sure I'll make it some day! Probably when Gos isn't around though. He cheats.

The duck racing track is open for everyone to play with. I think a big group of us need to go racing one night! But um, not with this duck. He appears to be having issues.

There's something wrong with this duck.

Sophia and I are thinking of having a Spring Fling party tomorrow night. I'll let you guys know if it's going to happen or not. :)

What IS going to happen is Trivia Tuesday this week! Tuesday night, at probably 7 or 8pm SLT. We'll be in the same skybox as last time and I'm hunting for more trivia cards for us, and fixing the one that I wanted to use last time about 80s TV shows that somehow was broken. Yay trivia!!

It's supposed to get cold & rainy here tomorrow, so I need to go hit the grocery store now. I don't go out if it's cold & rainy if I can help it. I'm sweet. I might melt if I get wet out there.

/me rolls around on the floor laughing like a hyena.

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