Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 139 - Someone left the cake out in the rain

So for a long time, I've had a huge open spot on my parcel. A long long time ago, it used to be a small hill/island. But last year I leveled it down and since then, it remains open, except for seasonal things - like the ice rink & Santa's house of the winter, and the haunted castle for Halloween, and even the Fiesta Zone for the summer. But since Christmas, the area has remained open, mostly just used by me or others to ride vehicles or rez houses. But lately I've been thinking that I want more. I wanted a peaceful place where my friends and I could come and sit and hang out. So after I was given a couple of huge trees, I knew what I wanted. A beautiful park setting! I've been collecting more trees, digging things out of my inventory to sit on, and I'm on the hunt for some great swings and stuff like that.

No great pics of it yet, but I'm really in love with it. If you stop by the island, you can see it. I'll show better pics once it's all finished. :)


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