Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 134 - They are lovely, aren't they?

I am SO TIRED. I'm actually starting this blogpost while trivia is still going on just so I can get it in before the night is over. :) I'm sitting here playing music and laughing with some of my favorite people on the grid... This is what SLife is about.

Earlier tonight I attended the commitment ceremony for Sonatrix Dench and Spudgy Dean. It was just beautiful. I took a bunch of pics, but I still have to resize and make pretty. But here's one of the couple. :)

Sonatrix's & Spudgy's Ceremony

And here's one of me wondering why I never think to make someone be my date to these events. LOL

Why don't I ever have a date to these things?

But truly, it was a beautiful ceremony, with just their friends and their vows to each other. And tomorrow Sona heads off for a "honeymoon" in the physical world with Spudgy! :)

The trivia party tonight was loads of fun, and oh my god. I must have some of the smartest friends on the grid! They were just on FIRE tonight with answers! And of course they were full of jokes and laughs. :) Someone told me tonight that I have lovely friends. Don't I know it? :)


I am truly exhausted, so I think it's most definitely bedtime.


Casandra Shilova said...

You do have lovely and knowledgeable friends. They always impress me by their scope of knowledge and quickness of response to your trivia questions.

Mally said...

yayy!!! i'm in the background of your second pic with Dara!!! lol.

it was nice meeting you last night <3 and the ceremony was sooooo pretty!