Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 142 - Um...excuse me?

Dear Linden Lab,

We're friends, right? I normally support most of what you do, and I'm really a big fan. I don't fangirl you anymore, but in general, I'm a pretty big fan.

You decided today that rolling out the new Viewer 2.0 to everyone, along with a new Terms of Service agreement, would be a pretty good thing to do. The biggest thing, and the one that I think a lot of us are upset over, is the new issue with the 3rd party viewers. Hey, I get the point. A few bad 3rd party bad apples ruined the bunch. The viewer code that you allowed people to use and fix and make into wonderful was used to make horrible viewers that ripped off other peoples' work. So you don't want people using those viewers. I totally totally get that. But Viewer 2.0...well, it's a bit hard to use!

The big side bar thing is kind of clunky. Pulling a bunch of profiles out, as I did often to find stores, isn't happening anymore. But hey, how did I get all those profiles anyway? By inspecting other residents' items. But in 2.0, we can't inspect anyway, so I suppose the profile thing doesn't matter? I *need* to inspect. Need to.

Also? What is this mess about? If I attempt to take a snapshot to disk with a custom size, as I always do because for blogging, I like to work off of a bigger shot, it comes out like this.


Do you see the problem there? I'm not the only person having that issue, either. It's fairly unacceptable.

I didn't want to bring it up, but since we're here, have you noticed how it's easy now to miss group notices and IMs and inventory offers? And unless you pop out another inventory window, you can't add attachments to group notices. And our profiles...oh, our profiles. All smashed over there to the sidebar like an afterthought. It's just...clunky.

But, I do really love the alpha layer, the new tattoo layer, and my anti-aliasing seems to work well. So...yay for that.

I'd really rather use the Emerald viewer, though. If you wouldn't mind. I think a lot of people are feeling the same way.

In the words of Tim Gunn, "Make it work."



melanieann said...

A workaround for the big black blocks around bigger pics is to uncheck constrain proportions in the snapshot dialogue. What I do is keep it checked when resizing, then I uncheck it after.

Ford Potez said...

Dear Ali

While we appreciate youre feedback on our new release as we do with all user feedback it seems you have missed one cruical element in the operation for our business. So for the sake of clarification let me explain. 99% (of which you are included) of our users will pay us a whole of cash on a pretty regular basis...and what do we give them in return? Poor service, broken inventory filing systems, awful lag and more downtime than an inflateable in a glass factory...and still they pay.

So while we appreciate your feedback, let's be're going nowhere.

Blue Mars? Pahh!


Linden Lab