Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 217 - Oh honey, no.

If you're looking for the final challenge topic, it's over here.

I'm pretty sure my inventory could be on the show Hoarders. I have a hard time throwing things away. Some things, I barely looked at, or wore once and forgot about, and they're just sitting there. Some things I feel like I need to keep because friends gave it to me or made it for me. Some things I kind of spent too much on and would feel like it was a total waste of money if I threw it away. Some things just hold memories. But unfortunately, my sentimentality has jacked me up to a 72k inventory. Well, sentimentality and fatpacks and massive copies of this and that. But I'm trying to bring the number down

Tonight I got down under 70k! I also hit my Skins folder. See, back in 2008, I tried to keep myself organized, so I put together some folders, as one tends to do. But...once I put my skins in that folder, I never touched it again.

Um, yeah. Remind me not to do that again, should I ever get organized.



Adric said...

Nothing wrong with keeping everything, just not on you.

The good people at Hippo and their 24,421 affiliates sell an inventory storage system or you can like me just put out a few boxes marked "Structures" "Cars" etc and keeping dropping items in there. I leave them in a safe place out of my inventory so they are not trashed by accident since a few items like Mia & Blue Linden Bears are not replaceable sadly.

iliveisl said...

wow on your inventory! =D dang, my sl one is like 6K and my OpenSim one is 1300

but hey, it's okay that you have a big inventory, don't stress on it =)