Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 224 - Morph Monstah Will Eat Your Soul!

So yesterday, I showed you guys how you can win a photo contest. But there's something far far worse plaguing Flickr and profiles.


Oh my god, MORPHS.MOOOORRRRPPPHHHSSSS!!!! What's a morph? Basically it's an SL avatar's head on the body of a RL person. They are TRAGIC. They are worse than bling. Yes, I said it.

However, morphs get a lot of Flickr comments because apparently the majority of people have no taste. Heck, people are even winning modeling spots with morphs...which makes NO sense, but whatever.

You can, of course, pay big money to some loser photographer and they can create a morph for you. But it's fairly simple to do one yourself that is JUST as good as anything you see on Flickr.

So, this is me.


And this is Holly Madison.

Holly Madison

Now, we need to get my face onto Holly's body. [I'm SO sorry, Holly Madison. Sooooo sorry.]

I took a picture of me without hair, threw it into Photoshop, used the lasso to cut out my face [don't worry if it's not perfect, you'll erase and blend later], and then dragged it onto Ms. Madison's head.

I resized and adjusted, and erased anything that was unnecessary. Like, my whole face. Just kidding.

You will have to do a little work to get the face to blend almost just right. I use this tutorial by Ryker Beck quite frequently when doing my own photos. I'll wait while you watch it. Or you can just watch it later. If you do photos in SL, it's a good tutorial to learn from.

Finished? Okay. So I used that, then I used the Orton technique, which I showed you guys the link for yesterday, to get soft and blurry. Apparently, blurry is your friend. You know what's also your friend? Your friends telling you "FUCKING STOP THE MORPHS."

Duplicate the layer to do a color burn, use the dodge and burn tools, and then lens flare because you know how that makes it all kinds of classy. I threw the picture into Photoscape to get the vignette and do some filters and other finishing work.

And ta-da!! Morph!

Morph Monstah Will EAT YOUR SOUL!!!

Does it look awful? OF COURSE IT DOES. Morphs look like shit because SL faces were never meant to go onto RL bodies. I don't care how "hawt" you think your morph is, trust me, there's a big ol' group of people laughing at you because now you look like an idiot.

If you want to see more morphs, by people who both did it for a laugh and those who are completely serious about it, check out this Flickr group.

Just don't blame me for any nightmares.


GoSpeed Racer said...

Oh I so agree! Morphs are so freaky ugly!

Meg said...

Jeez, those really are terrifying