Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 229 - She's not just decorative

Long, long day, but a very good one. :)

I was asked to fill in for the decor writer for Icon magazine for the next issue, which I happily said yes to. I currently write for Second Style, and I had a brief stint over at VR Style magazine, but pretty much all of my articles have been about fashion. Since furniture & decor is something I'm really starting to love in SL, this was something I was kind of excited about doing. I had started decorating a new room of my house yesterday before I was asked to fill in, so today I spent hours getting the rest of the room just right. It actually came out really nice, in my opinion. I'm not a decorator, at all, but the boho chic look I was going for came together pretty easily once I got started, thanks in large part to my plurk buddies. They are so so much better at knowing where all the good furniture shops are. Like I said, I'm still pretty new to the whole decorating thing [my idea of decorating was either to buy a set and put it all out like it was in the picture, or asking Sophia to do it for me] so learning new shops and learning how to put things together was super fun. I'll show other pics later, but this is all you get for now, because I'm exhausted and it's really time for bed.


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