Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 328 - I'm feeling Halloweeny...kinda.

I started writing this last night, but got distracted by the movie Juno, eating carrot cake, and playing Dragon Age. So this is yesterday's post.

I've started to decorate my house for Halloween. I don't really have the urge to go all out on my parcel for Halloween as I have in the past, though. Last year I had the pumpkin patch, and the haunted castle, and the graveyard, and random ghosts and crap flying around. This year I think I'm just going to keep it cute around my house and the other Bluebonnet residents can decorate for Halloween as they please.

Speaking of keeping it cute, my friend Clementine made this witch's broom that you can "fly" on for Super Bargain Saturday. I think it's adorable. :)


And it's true. I have not taken off those Aiyana pigtails by Truth since I got them on Thursday. If this were the physical world, my hair would be extra crimped and wavy when I decided to take the braids out.

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